Beyond Construction & Remodeling LLC

who we are

Beyond Construction & Remodeling LLC is a full service general contracting company with over four decades of combined knowledge & experience. We are dedicated to delivering diligence, honesty and creativity on every project. When you hire Beyond Construction & Remodeling, you don't have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. It's going to be good. Earning and keeping our clients' trust has fueled our success.

We believe in "Going the Extra Mile." What exactly does that mean for you, the client?

In the Biblical times, the law allowed a Roman soldier to make a Jewish man carry his backpack for one Roman mile, or a thousand paces. At that time, no one liked being forced to carry anything any distance for a Roman soldier. Jesus said, "If they were required to carry it a mile, then carry it two miles." Matthew 5:41.

This means we should go beyond what is expected of us in helping others. We have adopted this philosophy and strive to display it in the quality of our work.

We are guided by our Faith in God to work with Integrity and to show a spirit of servanthood. We strive to be “Salt, Light and Yeast” according to Biblical principles. We live up to commitments through Excellence in our work, performing honestly, and developing Trust.

Our Core Values

T.R.U.S.T.: The foundation of our business demonstrated by integrity

Teamwork: To maximize efforts, satisfaction and results by having everybody working together toward a common goal.

Resiliency: To withstand the competitive and cyclical nature of our industry by being dynamic, flexible, innovative and operationally excellent.

Understanding: To meet clients' needs by first understanding our clients' businesses and needs.

Service: To practice servant leadership and develop a service-oriented culture at all levels.

Training: To be a learning organization that helps people realize their full potential and provides promotional opportunities from within.

Our Operating Principles


• strive to treat others as they wish to be treated;
• create a safe, injury-free and mutually respectful work environment for all people;
• set measurable goals and strive to achieve them;
• are fair, firm and consistent in all our dealings;
• listen to each other and strive to understand other points of view;
• strive to be timely, open and honest in our communication;
• discourage behavior based solely on self-interest;
• expect all people to take and share responsibility for their work;
• promote our company with pride;
• are good corporate citizens.